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Moneyscape’s concept is simple. Through our platform, we will offer an easy way to make payments, and a set of basic banking services, based on remittances.

The sender simply creates an account in the Moneyscape app – and transfers funds to the beneficiary at the other end. The funds will remain in the recipient’s Moneyscape account until they are ready to withdraw, transfer or spend them.

The Moneyscape platform has the potential to transform the lives of millions of people, facilitating access to secure banking services, and empowering them to make online purchases, opening up access to many online possibilities.

How it Works

We are planning to offer a set of services for the recipients to make a better use of the received remittances, empowering them to improve their lives using the money in the best possible way.

Bank secured account

All the money will be kept in an european supervised bank account in the original currency, minimizing their exposure to local currency devaluations or theft.

Get cash

Recipients could withdraw cash in local currency using ATMs or directly at our local agent locations.

Best exchange rates

We have the best market exchange rate and charge an small commission fee in each operation.

Pay for products and services

Pay directly from the app to selected and approved merchants and utility services.

Debit Card

Recipients will receive a VISA or MC debit card that could be used to pay online or withdraw money in ATMs.

Transfer money

Beneficiaries can transfer money to other beneficiaries who are using the Moneyscape platform. These transfers are free and virtually instantaneous.


Our serviceable obtainable market is made up of EU remittance senders, as well as their unbanked recipients with smartphones and Internet service.

Moneyscape Market
  • 2.5 billion people in third world countries have limited or not bank access at all.
  • Remittances to low and middle income countries reached $466 billion in 2017.
  • Remittances from EU countries totalled $110 billion in 2017.
  • More than 90% of remittance recipients have access to a smartphones and have internet connection.
  • There are many millions of unbanked money recipients to whom we could offer basic banking services.
  • Even in EU, more than 35 million people do not have basic banking services.

After the last global economic crisis and for the last three years, remittances from the EU are growing more than in the rest of the World, as shown in the evolution graph of remittances below.



We got the authorization!

After almost two years of paperwork we got the necessary authorization from the Ministry of Economy of Spain! (the Spanish equivalent to a FCA licence)

Nov 2015

Moneyscape is incorporated

Following specific regulation for payments institutions we incorporate Moneyscape EP as a limited society in Valencia, Spain. (EP is the acronym in Spanish of Payment Institution and must be part of the names of authorized institutions.)

Sep 2016

Registered by Bank of Spain

Registered with the number 6879, we become one of the few payment institutions in Spain to get an authorization for online operation.

Nov 2016

Got a key strategic partner!

We wanted to safeguard clients' funds in a prestigious and solid bank... and we got it! Caixabank, a world top 75 bank, with 115 years of history, is our main partner.

Jun 2017

Fully complying & operating

Moneyscape has been reporting and complying with the Bank of Spain for a year and a half. We begin to carry out cross-border operations.

Jun 2018

First crowdfunding round!

We have the necessary knowledge and technological expertise, but we need the support of investors… to carry out our idea fully, faster and better!.

Sep 2019

Adding new services

We will add new services to the money remittance, such as payment accounts and the issuance and acquisition of payment instruments.

Oct 2019

Operating across the EU

With the possibility of offering the full set of payment services, we will extend our market to the whole EU via passporting.

Nov 2019

Beta version of our App

Beta version, for Android and iPhone, of our fully functional application: sending money, adding cards, verification of operations and account balances.

Feb 2020


Our partners are mature, solid and innovative companies, leaders in their sectors.
Collaborating with them means being able to respond to the different needs of Moneyscape and face future challenges with guarantees.


Our Management Team

Luis Flores

Owner & Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur. M.Sc. in Physics. Founder of several technology and internet companies.
Since 2016 he is the co-founder, main partner and CEO of Malecon Media Group SL, a company devoted to the creation and administration of websites and media contents., one of its dozens of websites, has 12 million visits/month.
Since 2007 he is the founder, owner and CEO of Virtualscape SL, a company dedicated to the development and exploitation of different services through web platforms, such as international retail e-commerce, VOIP and international top-ups. The last one was sold successfully to the world's leading top-up company.
With a solid scientific and technological background, he is very experienced and competent in many topics related to IT and Internet: website development, web 2.0, security, e-commerce, online payment methods, credit card processing, electronic fraud, search engine marketing and social networks marketing.
From 1992 to 2001 he worked as a researcher at the Superconductivity Laboratory of the Faculty of Physics, at the University of Havana, Cuba.

Luis Flores

Luis Flores

Chief Executive Officer

Manuel Tejera

Chief Operating Officer

Entrepreneur, scientist and technologist.
Co-founder, partner and executive of several R&D companies. In the last ones:
He was a co-founder, partner, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of Oncovisión, a multi-award winning Molecular Vision technology company and a leading global provider of innovative medical imaging devices used by surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and nuclear physicians for research, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
He was co-founder and CEO of Assembled New Technologies, a R&D company, where applied: computer vision and AI to human embryology, to the non-destructive testing as well as to other industrial applications; numerical mathematics to the development of complex calculation modules; and multidisciplinary technologies to the development of real-time embedded metrology devices.
As a scientist, he worked in several universities and scientific institutions, producing papers in different fields of Physics, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.
For the last five years, he has been working in the e-commerce and fintech sectors as a member of the same current team.

Manuel Tejera

Chief Operating Officer

Inma Lopez

Chief Compliance Officer

and Moneyscape Representative before the Anti-Money Laundering Supervisory Authority of Spain.

She has been working in the e-commerce and fintech sectors for the last five years, being part of the same present team and managing electronic fraud prevention, compliance and customer support services, as well as holding official representation positions before public institutions.

She is a very polivalente executive officer with a great capacity for teamwork and organization, with 20 years of work experience in different areas of business activity: management, administrative, commercial, accounting , customer service, human resources and training.

Inma Lopez

Chief Compliance Officer

Adel Ibarra

Product Manager

He has held management positions in several e-commerce organizations in recent years.

Four years ago he started working as a Product Manager in VirtualScape SL, where he managed to increase by 20% the income of his two managed services: VOIP and mobile topups.

He has experience in the management of multinational companies in the administrative, commercial and production areas.

Adel Ibarra

Product Manager


Julio Navarro

Business Intelligence in Banking Advisor

Vice-President. Head of Analysis and Business Planning at Deutsche Bank Spain.

Team leader in data-mining analysis projects. Direct experience on business intelligence in banking process, customer analytics and add-value processes into banking business. Experienced Banking Analytics Manager. Skilled in Commercial Planning, Predictive Modeling, Inbound Campaigns and Market Analysis.

Big Data implementation on customer behaviour. Datamining analysis. Customer Insights. Market Research. Strategic segmentations, propensity models, campaign planning, customer analytics.
Develop and implement best practices and learning plans to reach business objectives. Identify business problems and provide recommendations for improvements.

Julio Navarro

BI in Banking Advisor

Alberto Ochoa

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Advisor

He is one of the founders of a branch of evolutionary computation that combines statistical machine learning and evolutionary theory.

With more than 30 years of academic/industrial experience, he has lead research projects in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Complex Networks and other related areas.

He has given invited lectures and post-graduate courses at more than 20 universities of different countries and carried out research projects at several institutions as the Institute of Informatics Problems of The Russian Academy of Sciences, the German National Research Center for Information Technology and the Fraunhofer Institute of Autonomous Intelligent Systems.

Alberto Ochoa

AI & Data Science Advisor

Adrian Coutin

SEO & SEM Advisor

SEO Senior. Expert in Google Product.
Ex SEO Manager for Spanish Radio & Television Corporation (RTVE).

Technical reviewer, for Anaya Editorial Group, of books on: Search Engines Optimisation, Web Analytics, Social Networks and Ecommerce.

Expert in the search engines world with deep experience in information architecture, migration of website, content organization, multi languages websites, solution of websites Google penalized, structured data, AMP implementation, and video optimization.

Expert in implementing SEO strategies for optimization of video multimedia information, news, ecommerce and so on with outstanding results: increasing traffic to video area (, 2016 vs. 2017, in 14,72% -> (+10 million visits;) leader in audience in January 2018 according to Comscore.

Experience working for Spanish, British and Netherland companies.

Adrian Coutin

SEO & SEM Advisor

Mario A. Fernandez

Blockchain Advisor

He is a computer engineer.
From 2001, he is the CEO and founder of Signature South Consulting, a leading company providing electronic invoicing solutions in Latin America, with clients in 12 countries, including the first economies: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Perú.

In 2011 founded Gosocket, an open B2b network based on the exchange of compliant electronic invoices among businesses throughout Latin America. He has led the development process of this network and of its monetization strategy, integrating third party electronic factoring and payments services, and a Blockchain solution (ARAP) that helps to improve Accounts Receivables and Payables processes of companies.

In 2009, Mario wrote the book "Electronic Invoicing, Tax and Business Intelligent Transformation", which has become a very useful guide for Tax Authorities of several Latin American countries, helping them to implement the best practices used in electronic invoicing by leading countries, such as Chile, Brazil and Mexico.

He has been speaker in most important events regarding e-invoicing, such as: The International Chamber of Commerce in Geneva, the Exchange-Summit in Europe and US, the colloquium Digital Finance in Africa’s Future in Johannesburg, among many others.

Mario A. Fernandez

Blockchain Advisor

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Our headquarters is located in the Technological Park of Valencia, which is one of the most important and beautiful cities of the Mediterranean.
Excellently connected to the rest of Europe by air, land and sea, Valencia is one of the most important technology poles in Spain and southern Europe.
The Valencian Community hosts the headquarters of important companies in the European financial sector, such as the banks Caixabank, Bancaja and Banco de Sabadell.


Nicolás Copérnico 6, Off. 31
València Parc Tecnològic
46980 Paterna, Spain

Phone Number

+34 649 996 676

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